capture4General Probiotics, Inc. is developing novel probiotic strains capable of producing antimicrobial peptides aimed at livestock pathogens.

Probiotics are considered “GRAS”, an acronym for the phrase Generally Recognized As Safe, under sections 201(s) and 409 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

We harvest the natural potential of probiotic organisms to produce antimicrobial peptides. We design probiotics to produce high titers of antimicrobials, in order to eliminate Salmonella enterica, Clostridia perfringens and Campylobacter jejuni.


Products that safely eliminate 
pathogen carriage in livestock

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Background and Products/Services

capture1General Probiotics develops antimicrobial technologies. Our products eliminate pathogens in food-producing animals. Experiments have demonstrated that our products can eliminate 97% of salmonella in pre-harvest poultry.

With proprietary technologies first developed at the University of Minnesota, we develop products to fight bacterial infections, secure food production, and eliminate the overuse of antibiotics in livestock production.

We are first focusing on chickens because poultry are a significant source of animal protein, with per capita consumption in the US doubling to nearly 90 lbs/year since 1980. This agricultural sector is also of particular interest because despite the vast arsenal of technologies employed to control salmonella in poultry products, poultry meat and eggs are the most important reservoir of zoonotic Salmonella enterica.


fda-logo-usdaChicken producers need antimicrobial technologies to eliminate pathogenic microbes in chicken. They need antimicrobial technologies to produce healthy chicken flocks and to eliminate the risk of contaminated meat they sell. They need antimicrobial technologies to defend product brand, meet USDA inspection standards, meet FDA food safety standards, and to mitigate recall and litigation risk.

We develop an antimicrobial technology that eliminates pathogens in chickens. Our products will help chicken producers produce and distribute whole chickens and chicken parts that are not contaminated with salmonella, clostridia or campylobacter. Our products will help chicken producers defend and maintain the integrity of their brand. Our products will lower the risk of foodborne infection outbreaks, lower the risk of chicken product recalls, and lower the risk of litigation against chicken producers in the event of an outbreak. Our product will help ensure the supply of safe food to consumers.

Status and Forecast

nsfGeneral Probiotics received a Phase I Small Business Innovative Research grant from the US National Science Foundation. We are starting operations at University Enterprise Laboratories with two engineers and the chief executive office. General Probiotics is licensing technology from the University of Minnesota and is seeking strategic partners and early-stage investors.gp-logo1