General Probiotics (GP) is a platform company that discovers, develops and commercializes a new class of recombinant probiotics.

GP designs, builds and tests advanced probiotics in an agile R&D process.

With synthetic biology techniques we engineer hundreds of variant probiotics. With computational biology and machine learning we can guide engineering and screening of these microbes, analyze the results of experiments and design new systems for high performance.

GP probiotics are tailored to meet the needs of customers using probiotics-based platforms.

GP has been awarded Phase I/II/IIb Small Business Innovative Research grants by the US National Science Foundation, the USDA and the DoD to pursue an AI-enabled, agile R&D program.

Learn more about how AI is powering intensification and integration of scaled-up bioprocessing here.

AgThera, GP’s sister company, specializes in antimicrobial recombinant probiotics. Visit AgThera.com for more.