AI for integration and intensification of bioprocessing

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape of bioprocessing and fermentation, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming paramount. Our work sets out to pioneer an innovative approach that focuses on the integration and intensification of bioprocesses, leveraging AI technology to revolutionize the bioprocessing industry.

Our work begins by comprehensively understanding microbial population growth curves, using the logistic model as the foundational framework. This understanding forms the basis for creating sophisticated artificial neural networks that predict bacterial growth curves, providing insights into how changes in resources affect microbial population dynamics. The neural network, equipped with multiple layers and trained on real-world data, emerges as a transformative tool for the integration and intensification of scaled-up bioprocesses. It is designed to enable precise process optimization, consistent product quality, and resource utilization in bioprocessing and fermentation. Ethical considerations and data security are integral components of this project, aligning with responsible technology development.

This groundbreaking endeavor empowers the bioprocessing community to develop sustainable, adaptable, and competitive bioprocessing solutions. By advancing projects through MRLs, it fosters resilient manufacturing, strengthens workforce skills, and addresses social, ethical, and security resources, ultimately propelling technology innovation and economic growth in the bioprocessing ecosystem.

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